The Sociopathic Struggle


But how else could I convince them, my lord?! I’m not mad, bar possibly in the past I was, but I now know that it would be absurd to claim myself your rightful throne as the only true omnipotent ruler and king. This thinking would imply insanity or mania, neither certainly worthy of a destined death by your yellow backed sword. Yet I am neither and your evidence is my desire to bend to you nakedly and explain my inconceivable actions to you my lord, in the hope that you will see my logicity within the logical rules you created and bring peace to my divided soul.

Divided soul, you ask, in the sense of polar opposites, of the structural capacity of the mind to conceive only linearly. Black and white, yes and no, believer and non-believer. Bringing to the deepest influence what is believed to be right or wrong. It is this desire of righteousness which gives me my argument to which I center my reasoning for my actions my lord- it was only with you in mind, I swear!

The world has to work with the order of righteousness. For health for its people, for scientific gains and discovery, space travel! Safety and security for the people, free from rape, greed, sloth, malice, ill- thinking, thoughts or wants. To stop them thinking though- oh my, the minds of these stupid early humans. Polluted, uncivilised, their disgusting coils of a brain have no consistenty or patience to conduct a rational thought process, let alone know what is truly right or wrong. Their incancessant need for sex, their genetically inferior minds construing this concept of “love”, for which they, blinded by there hormonal lust and need for human connection fail to encapsulate that their undying love and sacrifice for their family means what for the billions of people outside of their petty little unit? Less importance? Hate, distrust, dislike, inferiority?

One can not blame them for their idiotic philosophy. Love is, after all, a genetic need for survival. I’m sure the creator had his reasons for it’s weaknesses in methodology but that is not my concern. Leadership of minds towards the righteous path can not be conducted without manipulation. One has to be clear here- a mistake in the creator’s “clever” creation of linear thinking is that for a concept of right to exist, so must wrong also exist in this world. My logical thinking is only to minimise the wrong and lead and manipulate the people to believe they are doing right, for the overall goal of righteousness. And what is so wrong with this?! It is the weakness in the creator I’m dealing with here! How is that my fault!

It was never about racism. They died because they were genetically inferior-they were bad eggs- or they were too late to change into the thinking of righteousness. They took up too much space and we needed space to start over. We tried to confine them so that they could as least live there lives and die naturally, but, like a virus, they insisted on reproducing. They died in the name of righteousness. They were tortured only to make a example to the remaining bad eggs- stupid minds need visual examples to see what happens if they are naughty- like children.

No matter what they think of me now, it is true what they say. I do love them all like they are my own. All of them are equal in my hearts- this is all for them after all. Soon, there will be no need for vicarious torture methods. The correct way of thinking through indirect techniques of subliminal schooling, mass surveillance, media manipulation and early, more quiet, direct disposal methods for the inferior or  the rebellious would be far more economically feasible. Slowly, as less bad eggs are produced, less eggs will need to be wasted in this way- it is a self serving arrangement.

Granted, yes, my lord, my actions without your consent would be displeasing I can imagine. But in my defence, I asked you to show thyself and I couldn’t see you! So i acted in your position, without thinking of you. Some have called me a bad egg for this, but please judge me yourself- I am a good egg, aren’t I? I think I’m a good egg. Let’s forget about eggs and good and bad, right or wrong for a second. I am only human, after all. I made a mistake! I wasn’t thinking, I was in delusion! An easily fixable crack in the surface of my egg, crackable due to your faults in the shell’s design! Forgive me instantly, so I can forget and act righteously again. You promised you would love me no matter what I do!? Who is the good egg here, me or you? Don’t make me ignore and destroy you too.

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